Cheeses and plant-based made in Jämsä

Jokilaakson Juusto is a small cheese factory in Jämsä. We make cheese spreads, grated cheeses and dips as well as vegan delicacies. In addition to our own products, we import tasty products from around the world.

Our products. Plant-based products are marked (Ve).

Cheese slices, cheese cubes and grated cheeses

Sliced cheeses are convenient to put on top of bread or between a burger. No food waste is left, as the entire package is ready-to-use.

Cheese cubes are the perfect addition to salads. Grated cheeses give food taste and fullness. They are suitable for omelettes, gratins and pizza. Use grated cheese for bread rolls and other baked goods.

Cheese dips

Jokilaakson Juusto Nacho & Taco Cheese Dip is a full-bodied and tasty addition to nachos, tacos and vegetables. Heat it up and serve it as a sauce. Simple, and easy!

Processed cheeses and cream cheeses

Silva processed cheeses are cheese spreads, whereas Jokipoika processed cheeses are cheese blocks. Both are made from carefully selected cheeses, butter, salts and spices by the traditional cheese-making method. We only use genuine ingredients and we do not add artificial flavors to the products. We use as much as 7-8% of the genuine spice, which we are especially proud of!

Cheese spreads are very versatile. Use them on top of a toast or add them to soups, stews and pasta sauces for full-bodied taste and smooth texture. Silva cream cheese is suitable for topping bread and baking, for example cheesecakes.

Plant-based spreads

Plant-based spreads bring new flavors to toasts and cooking and baking. They are milk-free, vegan and gluten-free. Ilo Cashew Spreads come in three different flavors. Use Ilo Oat Spread like cream cheese – top it on toast and use in baking.

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Cheese delicacies

The classic cheese plate is a great dessert or snack served at dinner parties. Chop pieces of different types of cheese: hard, soft, strong and some with a milder taste.

Clarified butter

Clarified butter is made from butter by removing milk protein, lactose and water from it. It withstands very hot temperatures and is therefore well suited for frying, cooking, stewing and baking. Its deliciously aromatic taste is delicious on its own on toast or served with potatoes.


Hummus is a traditional Mediterranean vegetarian dish. Ilo Hummus is made from chickpeas, sesame paste, Finnish rapeseed oil and spices. Ilo Hummus has been made in Jämsä since 2007. Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy with vegetables, meat or fish.

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The best guacamole has mostly avocado in it. Ilo Guacamole has 92% avocado. It is a fresh product made by high pressure pasteurization. Enjoy guacamole with tex-mex dishes or on bread.

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