Product families

Ilo is a selection of plant-based products from Jokilaakson Juusto. Our hummus was the first hummus produced and sold in Finland in 2007. Since then, our plant-based line has grown to plant-based spreads and cashew-based delicacies.

Jokipoika processed cheese pieces and clarified butter, ghee, are packed in foil and a cardboard box.
It is a easy to take a slice or piece on top of your bread from the Jokipoika pack or when you prepare food. 

Silva processed cheeses are made from carefully selected cheeses, butter, emulsifiers and spices using traditional recipes. We only use genuine ingredients: we do not add any artificial flavors to the products. The taste is delicious!

Jokilaakson Juusto´s selection includes traditional cheeses, cubes and grates, as well as cheese dips. Grates are perfect for pizza or to top casseroles, while cubes are handy in salads. A cheese dip with vegetables and nachos is an easy treat for a snack!